Larchmont Residence

Dallas, TX
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Located in the affluent Dallas neighborhood of University Park this French Arcadian/Creole architecture is an American Colonial style that developed in the early 18th century in New France, i.e. Southern Louisiana. The style borrows traditions from France, the Caribbean, and many other parts of the world such as Spanish, African, Native American, and other heritages. The homes from the Colonial period were especially designed for the hot, wet climate of that region. 

The front of the house is a very un-imposing simple design with a focus to the entry gates that leads one to the entry porch and interior courtyard.  This side elevation and interior courtyard is the focus of the house and where all family gatherings begin and end.  

Inside the home is simple, comfortable elegance for family living. Antique recycled timbers were used throughout the house and the back wall of the keeping room brings the painted brick of the exterior into the interior.  Windows that extend almost to the floor keeps the house light and airy, uniting the interior with the exterior.